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金枪鱼精品餐厅, 巴塞罗那 / EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

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 Balfegó是来自Catalan 海岸一个小镇上的家族姓氏,这个家族世代在地中海流域以打捞红色金枪鱼为生。 如今,Balfegóy是全球最大的红色金枪鱼生产商,并受到世界上知名,尤其是日本的主厨的高度评价。 然而,广大消费者对“Balfegó”这个品牌的了解还是少之又少。出于向广大消费者介绍“Balfegó”的考虑,Balfegó家族创办了EL EQUIPO CREATIVO餐厅。 该项目力求通过设计来展示一个美食的空间,来推广红色金枪鱼这一高品质食材,同时让公众了解“Balfegó”这个品牌。

Balfegó is the surname of a family from a small town on the Catalan coast who for generations have shed red tuna in the Mediterranean. Today, Balfegó is one of the largest international producers of red tuna, as well as being highly regarded by the world’s most famous chefs, in particular the Japanese. However, the brand name “Balfegó” is largely unknown to the majority of the consumers. On this premise the Balfegó family approaches EL EQUIPO CREATIVO. The requisites of the project are to design a gastronomic space which will promote red tuna as a quality product and, at the same time, make the brand known to the general public.

▼EL EQUIPO CREATIVO入口和大厅, the entrance and hall of EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

Tunateca Balfegó位于巴塞罗那的主要商务和交通中心Avenida Diagonal,是一个专门提供享用红色金枪鱼美味的美食空间。 这里除了可以以多种形式品尝金枪鱼之外,顾客还了解了金枪鱼的不同方面,从外观的差异到不同部位的用途,以及多样的切割手法。别出心裁的室内设计是为了增强大众对红色金枪鱼世界的了解。 因此不同区域会反映产品的不同方面甚至包括捕捞过程的介绍。

The Tunateca Balfegó, situated on the Avenida Diagonal, one of the principal commercial and communication arteries of Barcelona, is a gastronomic space dedicated solely to red tuna. Aside from tasting it in many and varied formats, we are also informed of the different aspects of the product, from its appearance to the differences existing between its various sections and cuts.The interior design is intended to become another element of communication regarding the world of the red tuna. Each of the zones reflects a different aspect of the product and its capture.

▼深蓝色的室内空间仿佛将客人带到了海底深处(左),Blue Room transports the visitors to the depths of the sea(left);

▼5米长的半透明窗帘增强了室内的深邃和空灵感,five-meter high curtain outlines the area turning it into a deep, organic, undulating space

▼头顶装饰物宛若鱼群游过,the white decorations seem like the great school of fish swimming overhead


蓝色空间 the blue room 

遵循这一设计理念,室内的主要区域 – 或者说蓝色空间 – 营造出了一种将客人带到了海洋深处的感觉。 一席巨大的5m高半透明窗帘则增强了该区域的深邃,灵动,动感的气氛。 客人一进门,便可以看到三个覆有黑色饰面的椭圆不锈钢接待台,寓意正在海中游戏的大金枪鱼,并借此暗示出用餐区。

And so, the principal area — or Blue Room — transports us to the depths of the sea. A large translucid five-meter high curtain outlines the area turning it into a deep, organic, undulating space. Within, three large oval stainless steel bars with dark stone tops remind us of the large tuna swimming through the space and articulate the space of the restaurant.

餐厅最忙碌的地方是一个巨大的5米长的寿司台,寿司师傅在台前当面为客人制作寿司。 木质餐桌的有机型桌面就像切下的不同形状的金枪鱼肉片,餐桌高度可以调节以便满足不同客人的需要。而座椅内面,设计师选择了类似于金枪鱼肉的红色 ,和深蓝色的空间形成了强烈的对比。餐厅中的另一个亮点是那些似乎在头顶上游泳的‘鱼群’,似乎使这种沉浸在海洋中的感觉更加强烈。 其结果是通过有机照明使精致的设置成为可能,微妙的移动和强度的变化使安装成为现实。

The busiest area is the large, five-meter long sushi bar where the “sushimen” prepare their creations before the clients seated there. The tables, with their wooden tops of varied organic forms resembling different cuts of tuna, are spread out at varied heights in order to accommodate a wide range of clients and situations .The dark red interior of the seats, similar to the color of the tuna, generates an interesting contrast in this deep blue space. The other principal player is the great school of fish which seem to swim overhead, making us feel, if possible, even more immersed in the sea. The result is an exquisite setting made possible by organic illumination, with subtle movements and changes in intensity which bring the installation to life.

▼餐厅中最忙的区域,5m长的寿司台,five-meter long sushi bar

▼可以调节高度的餐桌以适应不同需要的餐桌,the tables with varied forms and height for different clients


The pieces of ceramic pavement, designed specically for this project and made by a family of local ceramists, are intended to recreate, through their trapezoidal form and irregular coloring, a sea bed in consonance with the total design.

▼为餐厅精心设计的铺装和座椅, the designed inside paving and chairs


Ronqueo 空间  the Ronqueo Room

“Ronqueo”是指解剖金枪鱼的传统手艺。 Balfegó家族多年来一直在巴塞罗那的不同地区举行公共“ronqueo”大会, 众多厨师和专业人士都会参加的这个活动。在EL EQUIPO CREATIVO,“ronqueos”每隔一段时间就会举行一次,餐厅内也为其保留一处区域来满足特殊需要,例如开阔的工作区,并可以进行彻底方便的清洁。

“Ronqueo” refers to the traditional, manual dissection of the tuna. The Balfegó family has for many years held public “ronqueo” sessions in different areas of the city of Barcelona; events attended by numerous chefs and professionals of this sector. The locale required a reserved area where “ronqueos” could be held every so often and its design had to meet the specic necessities of the event such as a large work area and thorough but easy cleaning.

▼依据金枪鱼的颜色和纹路设计的室内色调,the designed wall tile, flooring and ceiling are referred to the texture and color of tuna

选用瓷砖贴面,不仅可以使房间干净且易于打理,同时也参考到金枪鱼蓝色和银色鳞片发光特质,这点刚好瓷砖可以满足。 为此,设计师设计了不同色调和形状的瓷砖贴面,用于地面和墙壁。其效果低调但独特,表现出了神秘梦幻的感觉。 而这些瓷砖也再次由当地陶艺家制造。

It was decided that a ceramic wrapping would convert the room into a clean and aseptic space, while at the same time making reference to another aspect of the red tuna: the skin with its shiny blue and silver scales. For that we designed trapezoidal ceramic pieces in different tonalities and had them placed on the floor and walls, generating degrading tones which achieve a magical and mysterious atmosphere. These tiles where again fabricated by a local ceramist family.

▼墙壁和地板的瓷砖充分地实现了仿金枪鱼鱼鳞的效果,而且使用瓷砖也易于清理,the ceramic wrapping not only achieved the result of imitating tuna’s shiny blue and silver scales, but it is also easy to clean.


Large dark red boxes once again serve as a color contrast and connect this room with other worlds, such as the kitchen or the exterior. The reddish color of the wooden ceiling, perforated in order to improve the acoustic quality of the room, also offers a warm contrast to the ceramic scales. The shape and placement of the tables afford great exibility to the room, as, in addition to the “ronqueos”, the room must be adaptable to other uses and situations from being a public dining room to special events, courses, conferences, etc.

▼由于座椅采用仿照金枪鱼鱼肉的红色,因此和墙壁及铺装形成了戏剧性的颜色对比,the red chairs that imitate the color of tuna meat produce a dramatic  contrast with the deep wall


上层私密空间 the private rooms on the upper floor

位于餐厅上层的两间多功能厅相互连接,可用于会议,小型活动或私密用餐需要。这个空间的设计特点是受金枪鱼肉的启发。 为了营造理想的气氛,我们选择了一种红色调浓重且纹理清晰的木材,并将其安置在了墙壁,地板和天花板上。而其营造出的氛围也似乎将我们带到了一个新的,温暖而舒适的空间。

Located on the upper floor are two multi-function rooms which are interconnected and can therefore be used for meetings, small events or more intimate dining. The material nature of this space is inspired by the meat of the tuna. In order to achieve the desired atmosphere, we chose a wood with intense reddish hues and very distinctly visible streaks and had it placed on walls, floors and ceiling, once again creating an atmosphere which embraces and transports us to a new place, a very warm and cozy space.

▼上层私密用餐区主要是通过推拉门来实现空间分离,golden metallic panels which act as sliding doors separate the upper private rooms


由于在天花板和墙壁上木板上打了孔,这些木板还是极好的吸音板,因此置身于此舒适感和温习感更突出。金色的滑动金属门,可作为屏障分隔空间,从而使每个空间都能享有私密性。 而这些房间无可争辩的主角则是这些大型的红色木制桌,其形体和纹路恰似还原了金色的鱼骨架。

The perforation of the wood on the ceiling and walls turns this material into an excellent acoustic panel, accentuating the sensation of comfort and well-being. The material counterpoint is given by the golden metallic panels which act as sliding doors, hiding screens and opening and shutting spaces, thereby achieving the degree of intimacy required in each room depending on the event taking place. But the indisputable protagonists of these rooms are the large reddish wooden tables which form the subtle outline of a golden fishbone.

▼由于墙壁都是打满孔的,因此具有很强的吸音功能,the perforation of the wood makes the walls hold excellent acoustic function

▼仿鱼骨状的餐桌, the tables inside imitate tuna’s bone

▼仿金枪鱼色的洗手池和室内铺装形成相烈对比, the washing sinks once again imitate the color of tuna meat that produces a strong contrast with surrounding

▼餐厅平面,first floor plan

▼餐厅二层平面,second floor plan


Interior decoration: EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

Location: Barcelona



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